Old Road Society  

​The Old Road Society is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of the historic Old Albany Post Road and all of Philipstown's unpaved roads.


The Old Road and the Man

Our Society

​The Old Road Society President 
Terrence Zaleski

For more than 25 years, the Old Road Society has been protecting the integrity of the historic Old Albany Post Road, it's surrounding stone walls and milestones, and the scenic character of Philipstown's dirt roads.

With a set of purposeful bylaws, this non-profit organization of dedicated volunteers serves to preserve all of the town's unpaved roads through action and education.

​The Old Road Society is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

The Old Road Society is part of a network of organizations that make the Hudson Highlands New York's cradle of conservation.

Old Albany Post Road  is equally important to the birth of America as the Hudson River. Both were main arteries throughout the Revolutionary War. The historic road is a living monument and all that remains of it in its original form is the 6-mile stretch in the Hudson Highlands.  For these reasons, the Old Road Society believes the Old Albany Post Road is worthy of preservation.

​That is why the Society has hired Ken Skorseth.  Mr. Skorseth literally wrote the book on dirt and gravel maintenance.  The Town has an opportunity to utilize his expertise, but we need funding for his engineering service and cost-effective maintenance guidance.

Philipstown, NY